About Us

Who says learning has to be dull? Certainly not Doug Clark and his team of expert trainers – and certainly not YOU after attending one of our live events.

We’re here for one purpose: To help people just like you discover the potential for personal freedom through investing in real estate, stock options, precious metals and similar assets. It’s possible to read through all the books on the subject (amazon.com lists 15,101 titles about “real estate investing” and “flipping houses” alone!) and synthesize the information they contain, but who has the time?

YOU probably don’t, and the good news is, you don’t have to! Instead of dusty books containing dry theories, our educational seminars will give you real-time data that reflects today’s market situations, with an eye towards the near- and long-term outcomes that could result. You’ll hear from trainers who have skin in the game because they’ve made their own deals – and are doing more deals every day.

Why do we do this? We’re people just like you, folks who want to build a legacy for the future, for retirement and for our children (and grandkids). So we’re in the business of presenting information in an action-oriented format that helps students to find a path to personal freedom.

And, the learning is fun and exciting here! Think about it: you’ll sit alongside friends and neighbors who have the same interest in growing their future that you have. You’ll hear some of the latest information about ways to build a financial legacy for your children (and grandchildren). You’ll walk away with bonus reports and special resources to help you take advantage of what you’ve learned.

Oh – and don’t forget, there’s a FREE meal included.

We prefer to limit the size of our events to 100 registered participants. This helps ensure that everyone who has questions can get them answered, and it makes for a friendlier setting.

We’re not offering a “business opportunity,” and there’s no “high pressure” at our events. What we specialize in is providing comprehensive education to help people make informed investing decisions to shape their futures and achieve personal freedom.

So far, our programs have assisted thousands of people in the U.S., Canada, Australia and elsewhere to achieve substantial results as they study and implement the information provided. YOU are invited to take the first step on this fascinating journey by attending our free event – and we believe you’ll be very glad you did.

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